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Vivesana Solar to Polar SPF40 Sunscreen


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via Beauty Snob - Beauty Secrets and Tips by Beauty Snob Kelly on 5/18/09

vivesana_solartopolar.jpgIf you're like me and want total blockage from the sun, then you will love the Vivesana Solar to Polar SPF40 sunscreen. But even better than just total protection, it is completely organic, nourishing and full of antioxidants. It has botanical ingredients like jojoba and apricot to moisturize, zinc oxide to protect, chamomile to comfort the skin from exposure and antioxidants like green tea and raspberry to repair cell damage. It makes like you never went in the sun, but of course you still got to enjoy all the outdoor activities that would damage your skin otherwise. This is thick stuff but it does absorb into the skin with some rubbing. But the benefit of that is, it will stay on for the long haul, even after swimming and sweating. This line is so thorough in its environmental efforts that its packaging is in an aluminum tube instead of unsustainable and non-biodegradable plastic. But I like it because it makes it easy to keep squeezing, it's like old school toothpaste (uh oh, did I just give away my age?), you shorten the tube as you go. At Vivesana for $29.

Vivesana Polar Baby SFP42 Sunscreen review at Tot Snob.


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