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New Moon Trailer 2009 (Fanmade & HQ)


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Added May 18th, 2009 No copyright infringement intended. All audio and video are copyright to their respective owners. I own nothing. Strictly fan-made! This is my final New Moon trailer that I've been working on for some time now. It usually wouldn't take me so long, but I've had other projects that I was doing at the same time and this one just got pushed aside. I had even debated on not making it, but I like the music too much so I had to finish. So, I hope this can get a few people super syked about New Moon! I know I'm jumping out of my skin I can hardly wait! I'm bringing a box of tissues and when they run out, I'll be crying on my husband's shirt...While he looks at me...Like I'm a pathetic mess, lol. Video: Twilight The Covenant The Messengers Big Fish Blood and Chocolate Perfect Creature Speak The Invisible War of the Worlds Bella's Lullabye Remix Make Up Your Mind - Theory of a Deadman Everybody's Fool - Evanescence ETOnline.com www.regretfulsorrow.webs.com Porsche.com Audio: Voyage Quest - XRay Dog Twilight Perfect Creature Transformation Rise - Pfeifer Broz. Music Original audio recorded by me

Author: AngryChckProductions
Keywords: the twilight saga new moon movie trailer 2009 summit entertainment edward cullen bella swan jacob black robert pattinson kristen stewart dakota fanning jane volturi stephenie meyer
Added: May 18, 2009


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