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via Blogdorf Goodman by Annieytown on 5/13/09

Cheap & Cheerful: MAC Skincare
Review of Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone

MAC's skincare products have been steadily improving in quality. From the gone but not forgotten Volcanic Ash Exfoliator to the Fix+Rose, MAC skincare is selling out just as fast as a dazzleglass or limited edition eye shadow.

I am currently testing Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone. This is the latest edition in their primer series. This is a "partial primer designed for use in the T-Zone." It has a lightweight, soy based formula that mattifies on the skin. It helps minimize pores and controls shine. There is some "high tech optics" science going on in this little black tube. It contains advanced technology infused powder that fills in lines while creating a "smoke and mirrors effect". It sounds slightly kooky. You imagine that there will be some kind of "Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds" effect. A very glamorous blurring of the face. Click on the youtube clip of the commercial to see what I am yammering about.

There is no blurring but just a slight difference in the skin. Pores seem to be closed for business. They are still there but your makeup is not sitting and glistening in their crater. MAC Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone also contains a Mannose-Phosphate blend that gently exfoliates and silica particles to absorb oil. This product is said to reduce the actual size of pores over time. I have not witness any miracles but have been pleased with the results so far.

I have been having problems with my makeup these last few months. My primers and foundations appeared to go wonky on me. My makeup was disappearing or caking within hours. It made me look haggard and old. My current successful skin routine involves MAC moisturizer, MAC Prep+Prime Skin Refiner Zone, Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting Concentrate and MUFE HD foundation. This cocktail seems to be working. Makeup stays fresh and on my face.
Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone retails for $17.50 and is currently available at your local MAC counter.


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