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Kung Fu Panda at Nick


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I was, and still am, a huge fan of Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda. But the announcement today of the a new Nickelodeon TV series based on the movie has saddened me.

If ever there was a character with the potential to fuel a series of theatrical sequels, it's Po. I don't expect Jack Black to be providing the voice and personality of the character for the TV version.

A TV series poised to appear before the second film (now in production) seems like a business decision based more on a way to make some fast cash, rather than a sincere effort to nurture a worthy property. Going to series doesn't neccesarily negate the possibility of further theatricals, but it sure cheapens the franchise.

Couldn't Nick have been simply based a series on the Panda's co-stars, The Furious Five?


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