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Ten CalArts Student Films From 2009


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Following my post about David Ochs's short Who's Hungry, Brew reader Marianne Hayden sent over several links to other shorts produced at CalArts this year. That made me curious to find even more student films that have been posted online, and the result is this post, which offers a collection of ten new CalArts films spanning from first-year efforts through graduation shorts. Obviously there are dozens of films that haven't been posted on-line yet so this is not intended to be a comprehensive look at the school's output nor a selection of the best work coming out of the school. However, it does make for a decent representation of the quality and range of work currently being produced at CalArts. Happy weekend viewing!

Lifeline, graduation film by Andres Salaff

A Werewolf Film, graduation film by Noel Belknap

VooDoo Carnival, graduation film by Joshua Dotson

My Totally Shitty Valentine's Day by Henry Yu

Such Great Heights, a third-year film by Ryan Shaw

Sharing, a second-year film by Kris Anka

Low Oxygen, a second-year film by Dylan Forman

This One Time… by Nelson Boles. Icing on the cake? He's only 19!

Madame Babette, a first-year film by Marcos Cohen

The Thirsty Gargoyle by Sabrina Cotugno


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