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Most of us spend hours staring at a computer screen during office hours. 
Researches have shown that eye strain is quite common in 50 to 90 percent 
people who work in front of a computer.
 Here are some ways to avoid and treat eye strain.

1. Give your eyes some rest

It's important to give your eyes some rest and shift your focus away from
 the computer. Get up from your desk for some time and try to move around
 at least once every hour or so. If possible, lean back and relax your eyes for few seconds.

2. Get out from your office space to breathe some fresh air

It is important to breathe some fresh air for sometime. When you work 
indoors in an air-conditioned environment for long it tends to 
dry your eyes because of the relative dryness in air. 

3. Do some relaxing exercises

Cover your eyes with your hand extended towards your forehead, 
close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose, hold in for few seconds.
 Do this exercise for 15 to 30 seconds every day to relieve yourself of the strain.

4. Massage your eyelids

Take luke warm tea bags and place them on your eyes for at-least 10 minutes. 
After removing the tea bags, massage your eyelids against your brow bone 
for ten seconds. By doing this you will stimulate your tear glands, which 
prevents dry eyes and keeps symptoms of eye strain at bay.

5. Use soothing eye drops

Sitting in front of computer leads to tired and dried eyes, in this condition it 
is advisable to use rose water or eye drops that do not contain preservatives to 
ease the stress caused by dryness. 

6. Blink frequently

Blinking provides a break for our eyes, but is often forgotten due to heavy 
workload. Blinking lubricates your eyes by spreading the tears evenly along
your eyes. It can also help with eye strain caused by dryness.

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