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Funny Husband Wife Jokes

How to Create the Biggest Doubt in your Wife’s Mind for you ?
Just Suddenly send her SMS Saying..
“I Love you too” (GAME OVER!)
A Question Asked In A Talent Test: If You Are Married To 1 Of The Twin Sisters, How would You Recognize Your WIFE?
The Best Answer : Why d Hell Should I recognize ?
What is the diff between “GHAZAL” & “LECTURE” ?

Every word spoken by the girlfriend is “GHAZAL”
Every word spoken by wife is “LECTURE”
Why does the bride & groom exchange garlands at the time of wedding…..
they say to each other affectionately that : “DARLING NOW U R DEAD”…
When you are in love,
Wonders happen.

But once you get married,
You wonder, what happened.


Philosophy of marriage :
At the beginning,
every wife treats her husband as GOD..

somehow don’t know why..
alphabets get reversed..

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